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Got a new TV and not too sure how to set it up? Call us, and for the price of a service call we will be happy to come out and plug in all DVD's etc, tune your new TV in and show you how it all works.

With today's televisions getting larger and larger (and cheaper and cheaper) many people find that once they purchase their TV, finding a suitable place to put it is a problem. Many home entertainment units sold in the past only had room for a 26" 6:9 TV set, which are not suited for today large flat panel TV's.

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The best solution is to wall mount your TV, and CAV are the experts. Problems wall mounting TV's can be many, from finding the right anchor points in the wall, to getting the antenna cable, power and any A/V cables (for DVD's, Austar etc) up the wall to your TV. Many houses encounter different problems. From battens in the wall to block filled concrete we know how frustrating it can be getting those pesky cables to your set. Our experience at getting cables to TV's is unsurpassed.

We not only have solutions for wall mounting flat panel TV's but also mounting projectors as well.

TV wall mounting starts at $85 (not including mount). We can also source appropriate wall mounts for you with prices starting from $99. Please call us for a quote.


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