PA Hire


Need to be heard above the crowd? Cairns A/V hire quality PA systems for all type of events. From a band at the local pub, to a corporate presentation, or a 21st or wedding. We have a system to suit your budget and your event.

Bands call us for special rates on our "Pub Gig Rig", prices start from $250 fully setup and operated in the Cairns area by an experienced sound engineer with over 20 years experience.

For your convienence we have listed some basic packages below, however we are flexible on what systems we can provide.

Package 1: Portable PA (40-80 ppl)

Includes: Chaio Adventurer 80 Mobile PA. Can run on battery for up to 6 hours, 1 Mic input, Aux in, built in CD/MP3 player. Includes microphone, speaker stand, mic stand and remote control. A lot of power for a little unit. Perfect for small indoor and outdoor presentations. Just the ticket for beach or garden weddings or small presentations.

Package 2: The Entertainer (50-150 ppl)

Small Pa HireCairns

Includes: 300w powered mixer, (or 600w amplifier with small mixing desk) 2 x Quest 12" 350w speakers on stands, microphone and stand also included. An excellent system for vocal presentations and solo/duo acts.

Package 3: The Crowd Pleaser (up to 200 ppl, 300+ if you add subwoofers)

PA Hire Cairns

Includes: 2 x Quest 15" 500w concert speakers, amplifier, dynamics processor and 4 channel mixing desk. Also includes speaker stands and mic etc. For larger crowds; an excellent DJ System, just add a DJ (or an iPod).

Package 4: The Weddings, Parties, Anything Rig!

DJ system hire Cairns

Includes: 2 x Quest 500w 15" concert speakers, 2 x 15" 400w FS Audio subwoofers, amps and signal processors, 4 ch mixing desk, wireless microphone, corded microphone, HD projector and screen, light show consisting of 6 x RGB par cans, fog machine, moonflower light, strobe light and four lens laser show (not pictured) all, DMX controlled. (computer not included)

Package 5: Concert Rig (400+ ppl including monitors) Good for just about all of Cairns indoor venues and smaller outdoor concerts.

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Includes: 4 x Quest 15" FOH, 4 x FS Audio 15" Subs 4 x Quest 12" fold back wedges, 1 x FS Audio15" Powered Drum fill, 4300w FOH and 1200w fold back power, 16 ch mixing desk, FX, EQ's, compressor, mics by Shure, Beyerdynamic and Samson, Optional 12 can RGB light show with, fog machine, strobe, 4 mirror laser and 4 lens moonflower light, all DMX controlled. System fully setup and operated.

Optional Extras

Wireless hand held, headset or lapel microphones:

Peavey Bass Amp:

Mesa Boogie guitar amp:

Professional DJ's and Bands Available:

Lighting Hire

Package 1: 4 x PAR64 Red Green Blue LED Lights, 1 x 4 Lens Moonflower Light, Lighting Stand and cables. All units work automatically to the music

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Package 2: 6 x PAR64 Red Green Blue LED Lights, 4 Lens Moonflower Light, 1500w Strobe Light, Fog Machine, 4 Lens Laser show all DMX controlled.

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