Why Digital?

Digital Television will overcome the limitations of Analogue television. The main features are:

  • Noise free pictures (snow free)
  • Higher resolution images (Wide-screen / HDTV / 16:9)
  • No ghosting (double imaging)
  • Multi-Channel, Enhanced Sound Services (Mpeg1, Mpeg2 video, AC-3 5.1 Surround Sound)
  • Other Data Services (Electronic program guide, Test, Interactive TV)
  • Better coverage and lower transmission levels
  • To enable full Fee For Service DTV
In addition more channels will be available within the same bandwidth that a single analogue channel requires. This is known as Multi-Channeling. This means that that you will have a greater selection of TV programs to watch. For example ABC and SBS transmit five different channels over the same bandwidth.

Digital TV Modes

There are 4 modes of transmitting digital television programmes. These are:

  • High Definition TV
  • Standard Definition TV
  • Combination of High & Standard Definition TV
  • 3D Broadcasts

Digital television sets will include the digital TV tuner which will be either a High Definition or a Standard Definition tuner. (However most TV's and set top boxes sold in the last two years do have High Definition decoders built in)

Some older Plasma or LCD television sets are fitted with an analogue tuner, so these will require the use of a Digital Set Top box in order to receive the Digital Television programs.

Other Available Services 

A number of new services will soon be accessible as a result of Digital TV.

These  are:


Data-Casting is a home shopping or home banking service available through your television by using your remote control.

Internet Access 

By plugging a keypad to your Set Top Box you will be able to surf the internet which will enable you to choose your favorite web sites. The Set Top Box will require a connection to your Internet Service provider.

Interactive TV

Interactive TV will give you a choice of selecting camera angles for favorite event e.g. Sport event.  Also, you can select via the remote control a library of programs that you can view.  Another advantage is that if you missed the local news for the night, you may be able to view it later, at a time that suits you.

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