Home Media Centre PC's are an all in one solution for your home

It's a...

  • DVD Player/Burner
  • Blu-Ray Player/Burner
  • CD player Player/Burner
  • Twin HD Set Top Box/PVR
  • Stream movies and music and surf the Web
  • Play Games in High Definition
  • Telephone*
  • Video Phone* (just like science ficton)
  • Security Camera Hub**

The media centre is stylish, slim and is made to look like an A/V (audio video) receiver and is available in silver or black. With one remote, you can watch and record TV, play DVD and blu-ray movies. You also have instant access to 1,000's of songs and movies of all formats, you can also stream movies and video clips into your lounge room via the internet, play PC games through your home theatre, burn DVD and Blu-Ray movies and read your emails! In fact there is not much these little babies can't do. Simply plug the unit into your TV with one cable and the surround system by one cable, then connect to the internet. You now have one of the most powerful home entertainment devices on the market today

Not only is it good for entertainment, but with a Skype account you can also make phone calls and video calls. With the security camera option you can instantly switch to an array of security cameras throughout your property. Better still, you can remotely check the camera from any computer in the world .

Having trouble finding space for all you DVD’s & CD’s?

The home media centre is the answer. It can store them all on your hard drive. Get rid of all that unsightly cabling; the home media centre uses two cables to connect to your current Home theatre system.

Stream music and Live TV & Movies throughout your house using a media centre extender which uses Network cabling or wireless network.

Create your own favorite play lists for music, then create your own favorite slide shows to your favourite photos with music, great for all those parties or family events.

Sick and tired off those hard to program DVD recorders? Well the home media centre has the answer for you. You can record live HD TV so you will never miss that favorite TV show or sport event again using the Ice TV guide. You just select what you want to record and the rest is done for you.

The Home Media Centre can also be used as a juke box for parties. You can connect the media centre to a projector, Plasma TV; LCD TV media centre extender to send TV throughout the house

Our standard Home Media Centre comes with the following specification:

  • Intel i5 Technology CPU
  • ASUS motherboard
  • Dual High definition digital TV tuner
  • 1gb HDMI Video Card
  • Blu Ray/DVD/CD player/burner
  • 2TB Hard drive giving you lots of storage
  • 802.11g Wireless Internet Adaptor
  • 4 Gigabytes of DDR3 RAM
  • 3mp Webcam
  • VFD digital display case with front usb ports and fire wire port
  • Windows 7 Home Ultimate edition
  • Anti-Virus
  • Bluetooth cordless keyboard & mouse
  • Microsoft media centre remote control
  • Various Software
  • Installation and Setup

Prices for the Home Media Centre start at $2500 for a basic model and range up to $5000 depending on the specifications of the media centre PC.


THX Cairns
Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound
Freeview Cairns
3D Blu-Ray